My Apps

Business Software

Contact Button is a simple-to-use website widget that helps local SMBs of all types convert website visitors into Contacts & Leads.

The way I like to describe it to people is that it’s “Like installing a smartphone with apps in the corner of your website.”

So instead of relying on all sorts of different website plugins and widgets, the 15 different apps I created cover nearly every major lead-generating and engagement use case you’ll find on business websites today.

Mobile Apps

Sparks - The Good Question App

Back during the COVID-19, instead of learning how to bake sourdough bread like everyone else, I decided to use the lockdown to work with a few different developers to build out a few of the app ideas I had into reality.

The first one I created was called Sparks. It has been surprising popular since nearly the beginning and you can usually find it on the Top 200 Trivia Apps chart in the App Store.

It’s basically an app with over 20,000 different questions that you can ask yourself or the people you’re with to spark fun conversations instead of always asking boring old questions.

Trivia Poker

Trivia Poker was the 2nd app I created back in 2020. It’s a quiz app that tests your brain power and strategic mind. Trivia games start out with easy questions that get harder as your chip count increases.

The goal of Trivia Poker is simple. Score as many chips as possible by making a wager on every random question you’re dealt.

If you get a 50% bet wrong, you’ll have to go all-in on the next question. And if you get an all-in bet wrong, you’ve busted and it’s game over!