Primary Interests

Apps & Software

After working for various tech companies for over a decade, I decided to start building out some of my own ideas. So far, that includes Sparks, Trivia Poker & with more to come.

Music Playlists

I started making a monthly mix cd for my friends back in 2005. It has taken various forms since then, but you can now subscribe to my monthly newsletter or access the complete archive over at

Startup Strategy

While I like to consider myself a generalist when it comes to my professional career, if I had to call out one thing I really enjoy, I’d like to belie it’s at product strategy. If you’re a startup founder struggling to find PMF with your startup, I reserve time for one free consulting call per week. You can book a time with me by clicking here.

Travel Tips

I’ve been lucky enough to visit over 60 countries in my life and live for over 7 years in what I consider to be the best cities in the US & EU, namely San Francisco & Amsterdam. I’m currently writing a unique travel guide about both that I hope to have ready for publication by the end of 2023. I’ll add a link to them here on my site when they’re ready.

Fun Fact

720 Instagram Shots

174 Articles Published

540 Coffee Shops Visited

7 Mountains Climbed

My Software & iPhone Apps

My Latest Playlists

Mixcast 23.7 – Right Time

Mixcast 23.6 – I Wanna

Mixcast 23.5 – Still Running